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Next followed the entertainment. The first was the Presentations  which followed the same format as other Tovil dances and Pattinis - see e.g. Community Pattini for fuller details.

Presentations - Paliya

The Paliya or Presentations was just as for the other Community Pattini Ceremony. One Tovil dancer appeared in turn with the flag, umbrella, etc. leading up to the final  two presentations of the elephant and buffalo tying. During each of these “entertainments” there was much ribald  interchange between the dancer and a drummer.

This part of the Patinni Tovil is especially to entertain the Deity Mangara (Mahasona’s superior), and of course the Audience.


Elephant Tying

Comic Turn

Then followed a comic dance - an “old man” - the Demon Barber - in white with the white mask danced  around the Performance Area and then pretended to be a barber for a member of the audience - there was again much comic interchange with the drummers during this .

During all of this the fire was being prepared for the fire walking - again the men were in charge and as it neared the time for fire walking (6.30am) one man took overall responsibility to ensure the embers were correct. He was supervised by the officiant.

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