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The Officiant again donned the pink shawl of Pattini. This was the end of the Ceremony and long queues to receive the Dana food were forming by the cooking area of the Temple. Food cooked on such an occasion is believed to be Holy and eating it promotes well-being. These foods are “cooling” foods to cool the element of fire that causes drought and famine.  People take a share of the foods for absent relatives and friends who are unable to attend.

Village leaders discussing the  Pattini ceremony with Tovil dancers by the “hut”.

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Gam Madua Part 12  Blessing & Finale


He sang about what he was doing . He was accompanied by  the beat of the drum while he swayed to and fro to the rhythm of the drum beat. N.B. One of  Pattini’s sacred bracelets can clearly been seen on his right wrist.

He first donned the pink shawl from the Toran, and held  the blue cloth from the Toran and donned the bracelets.

 Next he took the blue cloth  and bracelets from the Toran.